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Workstations & Job Card Racks For The Aircraft Maintenance Industry

Production Control is critical to the success of companies involved in managed fleet, third party aircraft maintenance, component servicing or modification work. Forecasting and monitoring of performance are key to the efficient running of your operation. Although only a small part of the overall structure, we recognise that the implementation of adequate paperwork flow and control systems are essential to the successful and efficient allocation of jobs and achievement of targets.

Document control systems and hangar workstations from Display Developments are individually designed to provide an effective means of holding and progressing high numbers of computer or manually generated task cards and other associated maintenance documentation detailing the allocation of tasks to engineering teams for major aircraft checks, modifications and minor works.


Maintenance teams are provided with immediate access to all of the planning and loading information critical to efficient resource utilisation and rapid decision making. The high visibility of the system allows responsive planning, scheduling & rescheduling of work when additional unplanned jobs and other unforeseen contingencies occur.         

Jobs are allocated to engineering teams where time and money can be effectively utilised on productive tasks. The system provides for clear monitoring of current job status and checks progress, highlighting the extent of project completion. Our systems allow job cards and records to be held clearly on view in accordance with requirements imposed by regulatory bodies such as the Civil Aviation Authority.


We can provide a comprehensive solution including Document Panels, Static & Mobile Hangar Workstations and also Trolleys to facilitate the transportation of the job card racks from control rooms to the open hanger maintenance areas.


Our list of recent customers includes Lufthansa, Monarch, British Airways, Ryanair, Thomson Fly and Qatar Airways.

In addition to offering a bespoke service we also manufacture a standard range of Document Control Panels. For further information on our Hangar Workstations and Document Panels please give us a call on 01322 444400 or complete our Contact Form

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