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A2 Snap Frame

Product Code: WDF7-1603
A2 Snap Frame
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Price for each £6.85 excl. VAT
£8.22 incl. VAT
£6.20 excl. VAT
£7.44 incl. VAT
£6.10 excl. VAT
£7.32 incl. VAT
£6.00 excl. VAT
£7.20 incl. VAT
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£7.08 incl. VAT
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A2 Snap Frame Information

All of our A2 snap frames are manufactured from the highest quality components, therefore they are not only user friendly they are the most robust and durable available, and they are everything that buyers would normally insist on from a superior quality A2 clip frame.

To successfully safeguard the poster within, the frame comes complete with a PVC UV anti-glare clear sheet to keep the poster spotless and eliminate color fading as a result of sunlight.

This A2 snap poster frames enables rapid poster switches and that makes it perfect for every fast-moving environment, when using the front load mechanics you no longer need to actually take away the frame from your wall, making it perfect for many different places which include cafes, offices, salons and spas and others.

To be able to replace the poster, snap open the 4 edges, put the poster within, insert the cover over the top and then click shut the edges.

Key Specifications:

  • 25mm profile with mitred corners
  • Silver anodised aluminium frame
  • Front-loading snap shut design
  • Styrene back panel
  • Pre-drilled fixing holes
  • Will include a PVC UV anti-glare crystal-clear poster cover to safeguard the poster
  • Can be permanently fixed to the wall, no need to remove for poster/picture changes.
  • Wall fixings supplied

A2 Snap Poster Frames

Whilst standard size snap frames are actually fairly widely used, for those who have pretty big promotional material that you wish to bring up to date fairly often tracking down high quality large capacities such as an A2 size snap frame is often tougher. The 25mm mitred A2 snap frame offered by Display Developments is perfect for situations like this given that the style and design makes them one of the easiest to replace regularly, plus they're both durable and long lasting.

All of our snap frames arrive individually boxed and will include a complimentary UV anti-glare PVC cover.

A2 Size Snap Frame

  • The A2 snap frame size is the same as 4 x A4 (4 sheets of A4 paper)
  • Width x Height (mm) - 420 x 594 mm
  • Width x Height (in) - 16.5 x 23.4 in

A2 Snap Frames UK Delivery

A2 aluminium snap frame, UK shipping and delivery can be arranged throughout the UK mainland, we do ship to other areas within the UK for a modest supplementary cost. For A2 clip poster frame transport outside the UK mainland please contact us on 01322 444400 before creating your purchase.

UK delivery is only £8.95 or FREE for orders more than £99.

Other Snap Frame Options

A 25mm profile with a mitred corned is a common choice of A2 silver poster snap frame although additional profiles and rounded corners are also offered. Along with A2 clip frames, UK company Display Developments can also offer snap frames in the following sizes and options:


Commonly Asked A2 Snap Frame Poster Questions

Specifically what is the A2 poster snap frame made of?
The traditional A2 aluminium snap frames are made from light weight aluminum, using a styrene back panel and fitted with a PVC UV anti-glare transparent poster cover. This specific design features a anodised aluminium finish, but if you are searching for something more colourful we provide coloured versions such as black, red, white, blue, and gold, these have got a high quality powder coating finish

Are The A2 Frames Pre-Drilled?
The A2 silver snap frames are pre-drilled and we also deliver these with wall fixings and screws which means your A2 frames will be ready to be wall mounted when they are delivered. A different method of fixing is by using double sided self-adhesive tape to securely attach your A2 frame.

Is this frame for sale in other sizes?
Yes, snap frames can be purchased in sizes A0, A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5 sizes.

Is this frame offered in additional colours ?
Yes, the A2 snap frame silver is the most popular colour, bit other colour options are available including black, red, white, blue, and gold.

By what method is the poster exchanged?
It is quite easy to switch the poster, the clip frame opens up on all 4 sides, making it simply a case of opening up the light weight aluminum frame, taking out your previous poster and dropping in new poster. It is a simple process that takes just a few seconds.

Can these frames be used in an outdoor environment?
Absolutely yes, the frame is appropriate for external use, however your poster will need to be printed on to water resistant paper. If you intend to be using the poster outside it needs to be mounted on to a flat surface. This A2 frame can be installed with a poster up to 1mm thick.

I need tamper-proof snap frames could you supply secure frames?
We supply a 32mm profile secure A2 snap lock frame, and other sizes from A1 to A4. The sides of these anti-tamper snap frames require the use of a universal lever tool (supplied) enabling the joint to open and then the content can be replaced. Follow the link to view our secure snap frames.

We are accountable for a number of properties and I am looking to purchase hundreds of cheap A2 snap frames, would you grant reductions?
Indeed, we do provide quantity discounted rates, the price for A2 snap frame is shown on the website for more substantial quantities of A2 clip poster frames please don't hesitate to contact our sales team on 01322 444400.

Complicated A2 clip picture frame orders?
I see you currently have A2 snap frame for sale, I'd like to buy other sizes simultaneously, some other A2 snap frame manufacturers would be able to deliver to multiple shipping and delivery adresses, could you do the same - Yes, we would be glad to help, please contact our sales team on 01322 444400.

Standard Alternatives to an A2 Snapper Frame

Of the many snap frame sizes, A2 is considered the most widely used, however as along with various other sizes, posters aren't just exhibited in snap frames, and many other display options are available. We've got a selection of pavement signs, which are free standing that will present your poster out of doors. If you want to display a poster in a window then our poster holder pockets could be a good option. We also have a wide variety of notice boards to present your posters together with other information. As well as offering A2 clip frames for sale we stock a broad selection of generic display products.

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