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Klarity A8 Perpetual Year Planner

Product Code: WPIA8YP
Perpetual Year Planner
Description Code Price QTY
Year Planning System WPIA8YP £222.50 excl. VAT
£267.00 incl. VAT

A ready to use A8 card based annual planning system for use on a rotating basis with a slot for every day of the year.

  • Ideal for project planning, work scheduling, staff and holiday planning, media booking and much more.
  • Colour coded A8 size cards give 'at a glance' identification of different activities.
  • Complete year is on view with an individual slot for each day.
  • 12 monthly columns and 31 day rows.
  • Board measures 648mm high x 838mm wide.
  • Top 15mm of each card is on view.
  • Expected work or projects can be identified, repetitive tasks can be monitored and action recorded.
  • Each pocket will hold up to 5 A8 cards, making a total capacity of 1860 cards.
  • Kit includes date cards numbered 1-31, 12 month header cards plus cards to indicate weekends and bank holidays.
  • Wall mounting fixing kit included.
  • Please order your A8 planning cards separately.

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