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Flexi Wall Mounted Brochure Holders

8 x A4 Holders
Description Code Price QTY
4 x A4 Holders EXWD0001 £53.60 excl. VAT
£64.32 incl. VAT
2 x A4, 4 x DL Holders EXWD0002 £53.60 excl. VAT
£64.32 incl. VAT
8 x DL Holders EXWD0003 £53.60 excl. VAT
£64.32 incl. VAT
8 x A4 Holders EXWD0004 £65.60 excl. VAT
£78.72 incl. VAT
4 x A4, 8 x DL Holders EXWD0005 £65.60 excl. VAT
£78.72 incl. VAT
16 x DL Holders EXWD0006 £65.60 excl. VAT
£78.72 incl. VAT
16 x A4 Holders EXWD0007 £103.20 excl. VAT
£123.84 incl. VAT
8 x A4, 16 x DL Holders EXWD0008 £103.20 excl. VAT
£123.84 incl. VAT
32 x DL Holders EXWD0009 £103.20 excl. VAT
£123.84 incl. VAT
6 x A4, 10 x A5, 9 x DL Holders EXWD0010 £119.00 excl. VAT
£142.80 incl. VAT

These clear acrylic brochure holders are an effective but economical way to display your leaflets.

Our Flexi brochure racks are ideal for leaflets, catalogues, magazines and more. We supply our brochure holders to schools, colleges, libraries, shops, hospitals, local councils and tourist information centres.

To assemble your rack you simply mount the bracket to the wall and clip each brochure holder together and fix them on to the bracket.

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