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Disposable Face Mask And Glove Dispensers

Clear acrylic mask & glove dispensers. Suitable for wall mounting and supplied with fixing kit.

Face Mask Dispenser In Clear Plastic (PETG)

Face Mask Dispenser In Clear Plastic (PETG)

From £19.75exc. VAT
Disposable Glove Box Holder In Clear Acrylic

Disposable Glove Box Holder In Clear Acrylic

From £11.00exc. VAT
Disposable Glove Dispenser In White Acrylic

Disposable Glove Dispenser In White Acrylic

From £17.50exc. VAT

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Disposable face mask and glove dispensers

The arrival of the Covid 19 pandemic means more widespread use of PPE such as face masks and disposable masks in various workplaces and public areas. The need for a reliable and hygienic way to distribute them using a PPE dispenser suitable for purpose has become essential in many business environments and other places where people congregate.

Glove dispensers wall-mounted or a wall mounted face mask dispenser conveniently positioned for people to access PPE are becoming a staple in many environments, not just those that require mask and glove wearing as a matter of course such as medical or food handling areas.

As part of our comprehensive plastic product range we offer a PPE dispenser to suit most business or public areas where easy and safe access to gloves and masks is paramount.

Glove and face mask dispenser range

We provide three basic glove and mask dispenser models that suit a wide range of environments where people gather or pass through so making for easy access to a PPE dispenser:

Disposable mask dispenser - a clear impact resistant plastic wall mounted face mask dispenser with a front slot with finger cut out for easy extraction of the face mask with a hinged lid for efficient germ resistance.

This mask dispenser can also be free standing for use on counters or similar.

Glove dispenser - two models of a latex glove dispenser are available: one variant is made of solid white plastic designed for direct dispensing of gloves, while the other is a clear plastic design that contains a glove dispenser box so the empty box is replaced with a new, full one when required.

The clear glove dispenser type containing the disposable glove box dispenser can be a wall mounted glove dispenser or be free standing on a counter or desk top.

For both glove dispenser wall mount models and our disposable mask dispenser, wall fixings are included so you can put your PPE dispenser order to work as soon as you receive it – next day if required.

PPE dispenser next day delivery and bulk discounts option

Maybe you just require just one face mask dispenser? Or perhaps you are looking to place a bulk glove dispenser order so you have a PPE dispenser in every area of a multi site business? Perhaps you have a specific requirement for a sterile glove dispenser or a surgical mask dispenser in a medical environment? Whatever your disposable mask dispenser quantity needs we can help.

While the prices of our mask dispenser range are competitive for the UK made quality we pride ourselves in, we do offer discounts on higher volume orders. If you order more than one of a particular PPE dispenser type, such as our wall mounted glove dispenser, the less you would pay per item – ideal if you are looking to provide easy to access PPE items in areas where there is high foot traffic such as a busy retail environment or an open work area.

We are large enough as experienced plastics manufacturers to be able to handle high volume work whilst offering ‘small business-style’ friendliness: we provide a highly personalised service whether you are ordering one glove dispenser or several hundred of our rubber glove box dispenser model.

Why not call to find out how we can help you with your PPE dispenser requirements? We can react quickly to your order, so if your glove dispenser or face mask dispenser needs are urgent we can provide next day delivery if ordered by 2.00pm and we have the product in stock.

Call the plastic manufacturing experts today, whether in the UK or elsewhere.

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