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Development & Prototyping

We work closely with a diverse range of companies prototyping and developing new point of sale kits and promotional items bespoke to their requirements.

Perhaps the most crucial phase in the manufacturing of any successful product is the design and development process. As professional acrylic fabricators, we encourage customers to speak to us from the outset of any product development process so that we may offer advice on materials, manufacturing techniques such as vacuum forming, machining and trimming, and the latest designs and products being used in the marketplace.

In becoming part of the design team we can pool knowledge, the client providing experience of their marketplace and product and our team delivering expert knowledge of custom acrylic display solutions and every step of promotional product manufacture:

  • Selection of materials
  • Vacuum forming
  • Machining and trimming
  • Fabrication and assembly
  • Decoration and finishing
  • Packaging and dispatch

The process ensures that the end product doesn't just look great, but also practical to manufacture at a truly cost effective price.

Bespoke development and fabrication

Our CAD packages enable the design team to interpret customers' earliest concepts and develop them into demonstrable, workable promotional products. We can even offer 3D modelling from IGIS data often used on vacuum forming projects. Once finalised, this information is easily transferred to our computer controlled plant which machines, trims and vacuum forms directly from the files, ensuring accurate reproduction and fast transfer of information for prototyping.

Once our team of skilled fabricators produce a plastic prototype it allows clients to see their point of sale product in its fully functional state, prior to commencing a final production run. Any final changes in design, plastics manufacture and assembly processes can then be accommodated to ensure the end product meets every expectation.

Don't even start your next project without us; our support ensures a smooth manufacturing process, reduced costs and a finished promotional item that really makes an impression. Contact us today with your custom acrylic design project and let us bring it to life.

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