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Decoration & Finishing

In today's competitive marketplace, visual presentation and impact has become increasingly important in establishing and promoting products. With the arrival of digital print technology and networking facilities, high quality reproductions from one-offs to high volume are now effortlessly attainable and at affordable prices. Depending on budget and desired effect, our experienced sales team can expertly advise on the best route to take for your product.

A vast array of processes are available to decorate or brand items, most of which are provided by Display Developments. These include:


Allows products to be branded with logos, text and some images. Can range from 1 colour prints to full colour prints.

Digital Printing

This process is ideal for complex, photographic images to be added. Usually requiring a vinyl carrier, the image is adhered to our plastic products. This is a very high definition process allowing accurate reproduction of fine images.

Laser Etching

This product has had the front surface etched away using a laser cutter. The natural surface of the material remains to provide a glossy contrast to the frosted, etched area. Additionally, we have in-filled with coloured paint to create the coloured spots.

Vinyl Graphics & Spray Painting

This combines many different different finishing techniques. The graphics are vinyl, using digital printing to create photographic images and text. The walls of the unit are sprayed with a fire inhibiting silver paint with the centre area masked during this process. The unit is a good example of how different effects can be combined to create stunning POS units. In addition to these processes, we also have the capability to vacuum metalise products, print lines and half tones to blend colours into one another and engrave items, often filling with colour afterwards.

Many materials also allow the possibility of colour matching. Vacuum forming materials such as ABS or HIPS, in particular, can be colour matched on low production quantities to specific pantone colours. This allows items to be created which reflect branding strategies of the product or promoting corporate colours.

Please contact us with your plastic fabrication requirements.

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