Display Developments Show Off Camden Town Brewery’s New Look-At-Me Lager

Camden Town Brewery is a London based brewer founded in 2010 and it specialises in brewing a range of craft beers. It has rapidly expanded and in 2017 Camden Town Brewery completed the construction of a new brewery in Enfield by the banks of the River Lee, 12 miles north of their Kentish Town brewery.

The Brewery has recently launched a new lager to add to their extensive range of craft beers. Show Off Lager is being marketed under the tag THE LOOK-AT-ME LAGER. Described as refreshing, but capable of so much more, the Brewery say they are proud to show off all the things their favourite beer style can be. Crisp and clean but also hoppy and juicy!!

Display Developments are manufacturing the Show Off Lager beer pump badges for the Brewery. The pump badges are manufactured in a special 3mm white Perspex to optimise LED illumination, then screen printed with 5 colours and a protective clear lacquer. The shapes were then precision machined to either round or oval shapes on one of our specialist CNC machines.

Show Off Lager

For more information on our plastic fabrication and vacuum forming capabilities please call us on 01322 444400 or email sales@displaydevelopments.co.uk.

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