Hellas Helvetia Recommend Display Developments For Outdoor Display Cases.

Steven Kalogroulis, of Hellas-Helvetia Ltd, a leading London property management company, was looking to update the display units outside his company premises. They originally had four units designed and fabricated by Silvercases over 40 years ago but he wanted bespoke replacements manufactured to slightly larger specifications and also to incorporate LED lighting.

Following a consultation with our expert design team, Mr Kalogroulis gave the go-ahead for the fabrication of the new stainless steel display units. On completion of the project, Steven was happy to give the following glowing recommendation.

“I recently purchased 4 new display units from Display Developments for my property company that I am extremely happy about. The 4 new units were to replace 4 identical units that my father had bought from Silvercases (now Display Developments) over 40 years ago which were still working and in excellent condition.

The only reason we changed to new ones was that I wanted the new display cases to be slightly bigger (wider and taller) and so that we could have more modern lighting with LEDs. I cannot express how good these units are compared to other cheap Aluminium display units I looked at that look tatty after a few years use. I see so many aluminium noticeboards around my area and they all look cheaply made and do not have the quality look of Silvercases.

Hellas Helvetia Display Cases

The units that Display Developments manufacture are made of high quality stainless steel and look great, have amazing build quality and last over 40 years with me being the proof! The units look professional and sharp, have fantastic hinges to open and close the doors meaning they do not bend over time, have fantastic locks, and maintain the quality feel and look over time.

I don’t often write a review, unless I am extremely happy with the service and product. I am very happy to write this review as these units are a class above anything else on the market.

The service I got from Display Developments, and in particular Malcolm, was top class. We gave the exact measurements that we wanted and their team ensured we got exactly what we required.

If you want your business to look sharp and you intend to trade for many years as I do, I can’t recommend enough that you should use Display Developments to build your custom made units”.

Why not see the quality of our work for yourself? Visit our website to view our extensive range of display products. www.displaydevelopments.co.uk

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