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Acrylic Display Cases For The Impossible Collection

Acrylic Display Cases For The Impossible Collection

At Display Developments we are proud to have been associated with the Impossible Collection, the wor...

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Bespoke Manufacturing

Display Developments are expert plastic fabricators in bespoke plastic forming, plastic prototyping, plastic fabrication and plastic manufacturing for display, point of sale, product design, retail and engineering purposes.

Bespoke Services

Plastic Fabrication

Services incorporating the latest technology for vacuum forming, CNC technologies and two and three dimensional forming.

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Vacuum Forming for Disney

Vacuum Forming

Services incorporating the latest technology for vacuum forming, CNC technologies and two and three dimensional forming.

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Retail Display

Retail Display

Our assembly process is one-stop in nature with the complete fabrication of all components taking place at our facilities on the edge of London in Kent

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Plastic Engineering

Plastic Engineering

The modern plastics market offers a vast range of choices in materials for bespoke fabrications

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With 60+ years of expertise as a market leading plastic manufacturer and plastic fabrication company, along with providing bespoke plastic moulding services, thermoforming of plastic sheets, specialist plastic machining and custom plastic prototyping services, Display Developments delivers an exceptional bespoke plastic design and manufacturing service for clients across Kent, London, the UK, Europe and internationally.

From bespoke plastic moulding design and plastic fabrications to the supply of prefabricated plastic products, we’re experienced plastic manufacturers offering the complete solution to match all your requirements covering plastic manufacturing.

Over 60 Years Expertise as Perspex Fabricators

Fabricated Health Lottery Point of SaleAlong with perspex, Display Developments design and manufacture products made of many different types of industrial plastics including Polycarbonate (Lexan®), Polypropylenes (PP), Polyethylene (PE), ABS, PVC and more.

We create a varied range of perspex fabrications for clients from many different industries often starting with perspex prototypes and culminating in full scale production through a comprehensive and fast service including plastic rapid prototyping, developing a perspex moulding, then moving quickly onto full scale production.

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As one of the UK's leading plastic fabrication specialists, we undertake all our plastic prototyping and related plastic manufacturing services in-house.

Providing everything from plastic case prototype and bespoke plastic product development to the thermoforming of plastic sheets and plastic machining services, we offer retail, industrial and commercial clients from across the whole of the UK a comprehensive range of services including:

The key bespoke plastic fabrications and design services we provide include;

  • Plastic parts development
  • Bespoke plastic product development and making plastic prototypes
  • Thermoforming plastic sheet and custom plastic forming
  • Machining acrylic plastic
  • Acrylic fabrication
  • Bespoke plastic fabrication
  • Plastic fab and forming

If you are searching for ‘plastic fabricators UK’ you’ll find our plastic manufacturing and design service is truly bespoke and tailored to suit each individual project.

As plastic engineers and fabricators we can provide a full range of services to you by helping conceive and develop prototype plastic components through plastic prototyping design and manufacture of items including clear plastic prototypes, large plastic prototypes, small plastic prototypes, bespoke plastic trays - indeed a whole host of wholesale plastic fabrications.

We’re skilled in various techniques to cover a wide range of manufacture including plastic bend fab and plastic heat moulding.

We can provide consultative services working with your product designers regarding specifics of the manufacture of perspex or perspex moulding options to help create your ideal perspex fabrications.

Bespoke Perspex Fabrication Services

Below are examples of the perspex fabrication services that we provide:


Perspex Prototyping & Develeopment

Development And Perspex Prototyping

As a leading perspex manufacturer we offer a flexible approach to our bespoke perspex design, development and prototyping service. We can handle the entire end to end development process or supplement your own designer’s work.

When searching for ‘Perspex fabrication UK’ expertise, our diverse range of clients who approach us find we are able to take their concept and ideas for their perspex fabrications requirements and swiftly turn them into production ready reality.

If you are searching for ‘Perspex fabricators UK’ our sixty-plus years’ expertise means we should be able to provide your product answer.

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CNC Machining And Trimming

As part of our commitment to providing the best in perspex fabrication production services, we provide state of the art CNC machining and trimming of plastics using our fully automated CAD-linked perspex fabrication system: it is especially suited to the design and development of Perspex prototypes going into production.

Main features of our CNC machining and trimming service for custom and bespoke perspex fabrications include:

  • Expertise in jigging and trimming
  • Two multi-tool changing CNC routers
  • CNC turning and milling
  • CNC routing, drilling and tapping
  • Fully CAD automated
  • Two and three dimensional forming

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Perspex CNC Machining & Trimming - Geiss 5 Axis Router

CNC Perspex machining
Vacuum formed perspex parts Vacuum formed perspex acrylic CCTV cover

Perspex Vacuum Forming

Perspex vacuum forming is the process of turning a simple sheet of perspex into just about any shape. The possibilities are infinite when thermoforming perspex: a flat sheet can be turned into just about any multi-dimensional item such as a moulded perspex windscreen or perspex box.

The range of vacuum perspex forming services we offer includes:

  • Blow moulding
  • Drape moulding
  • Press forming
  • Thermoforming perspex
  • Local line bending 

With four state of the art machines of varying specifications at our disposal we can perform various perspex forming tasks efficiently and easily.

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Bespoke Perspex Display Specialists

We can provide a full design, perspex prototyping and production service for your retail display requirements.

We have worked extensively with design agencies, project managers and marketing departments to help ensure their marketing campaigns and ‘new look’ retail store launches are effective with their new perspex retail displays being designed, built and delivered on time.

For many leading retailers and design companies, we are their first call option when requiring perspex fabricators for their retail display needs.

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Bespoke Perspex Fabrication For Retail Display - Orbit Baby
Example Perspex Decorating and Finishing Product Perspex Fabrication Parts

Decorating And Finishing

Choose from our full range of options for decoration, branding and colouring of plastics including acrylics, polycarbonates, PVC, PETG and polyethylene:

  • Spray painting
  • Flame polishing
  • Power buffing and buff polishing
  • Semi automatic machine and diamond edge polishing
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Digital printing
  • Silk screen printing
  • Engraving and laser etching
  • Vacuum metallising

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Packaging and Dispatch

We always strive to deliver on-time wherever the customer needs their perspex fabrications, so for you it is like having perspex manufacturers on your doorstep in terms of delivery convenience.

We offer multi-drop delivery and always take the ultimate care to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition.

Our packaging and dispatch service includes:

  • A distribution facility able to accommodate larger trucks
  • In house delivery using our own transport for fragile or high value items
  • Muti-drop recorded delivery options
  • Packing options include wraps, pallets, polybags and boxes
  • Final inspection ensures full standards compliance
  • Same day courier option for urgent deliveries

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Perspex Fabrication Image Perspex Fabrication Van
Perspex Hot Wire Forming (Line Bending)

Hot Wire Forming (Line Bending)

Required when the type of plastic to be formed is not suitable for cold bending, including perspex, or when complex forms need heating to achieve the desired shape.

An electric current is passed through a conductive wire to create a low heat and the plastic is positioned over the wire where the bend is needed. The parts are then folded and placed in cooling jigs until firm enough to be taken out.

Along with perspex, materials requiring Heat Forming processes are PETG, acrylic, PVC, Polycarbonates, Polypropylene, Styrene, ABS, Polyester, HIPS, Mylar.

Parts made through line bending include perspex boxes, leaflet holders, safety shields and guards, and POS units.

Perspex Machine Guards And Enclosures

Amongst our many other products we are perspex guard manufacturers providing a variety of guard designs for clients throughout the UK.

Choose from the following options:

  • Industrial machine guards
  • CNC machine guards
  • Lift guards
  • CNC Enclosures
  • Guards for food industry machines

While we are a full service manufacturer, such is our ability to provide bespoke perspex guard designs to your exact requirements, working with us is like dealing with small perspex fabricators such is the level of personalised service we can offer you.

We can design and manufacture guards for specific uses including fully adjustable types using materials from brands such as perspex and palsun.

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Perspex Machine Guard Perspex Machine Guard
Perspex engineered parts

Engineered Perspex Components

We enjoy a strong reputation for quality perspex fabrications built up through our 60-plus years in business.

Our perspex components and products are engineered to ensure consistency of manufacture using the latest in perspex manufacturing techniques allied to our industry leading know how

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Comprehensive Assembly

Inferior standards of perspex fabrication, assembly and attachment using glue or cement can spoil good quality machining or forming, so we are constantly striving through ongoing research and experimentation to reach ever higher standards in bonding and cementing perspex components to each other - and to other types of material such as aluminium or wood.

Our tireless research and development ensures we are at the forefront of industry leading ways of bonding perspex, other plastics and materials to one another through the use of advanced cement, adhesives and hot air welding methods.

Combining elements of our design and product development, perspex moulding and machining and thermoforming, we are plastic fabricators providing the following assembly expertise:

  • Assembly of plastic, metal and wood components
  • Unique uses of glue, adhesives and cements
  • Application of Tappex adhesive free mechanical fixings
  • Overspill and bubble free UV bonding and curing
  • Hot air welding
  • Incorporation of plinths, bases, wheels, castors, locks and hinges

Examples of our fixing and attaching expertise includes the deployment of a near invisible UV curing procedure to make for bubble and overspill-free joints between perspex fabrications and parts.

The use of Tappex mechanical fixings mean certain products can be flat packed for ease of transportation and assembled without the need for glue or adhesive, so no time taken up for drying or curing so items are ready for use immediately.

While bespoke perspex design and manufacture is our main focus, many perspex moulding products might need to incorporate components made from other materials such as wood for bases and plinths, or metal for castors, locks, wheels, runners and hinges. We can provide this inclusive service entirely from our facility in south east London.

Bespoke Perspex Fabrication Advice and Guidance

We can provide a comprehensive design service using industry standard software, and are happy to provide 3D visuals to help finalise your perspex prototypes design before production.

Whether you have a small scale perspex development project in mind or something on a larger scale, we are more than happy to help by putting our battery of perspex related techniques at your service such as machining, drilling, forming and machining.

Perspex Fabricators Using the Latest Equipment

At Design Developments, we are always investing in our perspex manufacturing equipment as part of our desire to maintain industry leading standards, and that extends to our skilled people who undergo continuous training and development to keep their skills at the cutting edge.

Some of our perspex manufacturing equipment:

  • Two 3000mm x 1550mm multi-tool changing CNC routers
  • Two and three dimensional forming
  • Various CNC machining including routing, drilling, trimming, turning and milling
  • Geiss CNC 5 axis trimming machine
  • Fully automated system guaranteeing precision work directly from CA
  • Two 3000mm x 1550mm multi-tool changing CNC routers
  • Saw cutting of plastic sheets up to 6 metres
  • Extensive expertise in jig design, jigging and trimming

Perspex Materials

There are various plastic options along with perspex, and we can offer expertise in these along with other materials such as glass, wood and metal.

Some plastics are more appropriate for certain uses than others: perspex has much to offer but we are happy to help and advise on other types that may be more suitable to achieve an end result you will be pleased with.

While we are expert perspex fabricators, our design, prototyping and industry leading manufacturing techniques and know how working with many plastics mean we can help whatever type of plastic you decide upon.

You have a wide choice of not only plastic types but an array of finishes to ensure your plastic or specific perspex fabrications exactly meet your needs.

Plastics we work with include::

  • Perspex
  • PVC
  • PETG
  • Acrylics
  • Nylon
  • ABS and acrylic capped ABS
  • Aluminium/plastic composites
  • Polycarbonates
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene

Colours and surface finishes

There are various finishes available on all materials including colour matching to pantone/RAL/BS references, single and double sided options, and more creative specialist finishes including satin, silk, setasand, prism, reeded, smooth, matt, gloss, buff, flame, leathergrain, pinseal, frost, sandstone, diamond edge and machine polishing, digital printing, vinyl, laser etching, screen and digital printing

Specialist Perspex Fabricators In Kent

The Display Developments base is in south east London at Belvedere, Kent on the Fordgate Business Park from where we serve clients nationally and internationally.

Fordgate Business Park is on the east side of the Belvedere Industrial Area just 6 miles from the M25 motorway and the Dartford Crossing giving us easy access to other major motorways and the Channel Tunnel. The Woolwich Ferry and the Blackwall Tunnel are nearby to the west and we are only 13 miles from Central London.

Your Plastic Fabrication Experts Under One Roof

We are confident we can help you in all your perspex manufacturing requirements from initial consultation to design and onto full scale production and prompt delivery.

Talk to us today regarding your perspex fabrication requirements and ask us to cost a project up for you. We would be delighted to help you make the most from Perspex technology wherever you are nationally, Europe and world wide.

Get in touch with your perspex specialists at Display Developments today.

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