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Game Security Pedestal Covers

Game Security Pedestal Covers

We are proud to have been the chosen supplier of 1000 vacuum formed security pedestal covers for the...

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Vacuum Forming

Working with thermoplastics creates a huge range of possibilities for plastic vacuum forming and pressure forming and we offer a wide range of ways to exploit that and create outstanding plastic fabrications for clients across the UK and Europe.

Capability to turn flat sheets of CNC machined and trimmed plastic into three dimensional objects without needing cement or adhesives is invariably a huge benefit to the bespoke plastic products we design, fabricate and manufacture. Fully exploiting this process, our experienced plastic vacuum forming team have an extensive understanding of the possibilities and a range of equipment enabling a wide variety of vacuum forming techniques to be utilised. These techniques have a variety of unique benefits to offer.

Vacuum Formed Clear Dome
Vacuum Formed Plastic

Call our specialist plastic vacuum forming team today on 0808 1682372 to discuss your requirements. No matter how challenging, we will provide the ultimate solution.

Specialists in vacuum forming

Our range of pressure and plastic vacuum forming services, delivered entirely to clients across the UK and the rest of the world by vacuum formers in our plastic fabrication and vacuum forming facility in Belvedere in North West Kent, just on the outskirts of London, includes;

  • Plastic vacuum forming up to 2500mm x 1835mm x 600mm deep
  • High definition pressure assisted forming
  • Press forming
  • Local line bending and heat bending
  • Blow moulding
  • Drape moulding
  • Tool making facilities
  • Fully automated options for 3D modelled IGIS data

The pressure and vacuum forming expertise within our own team was expanded by our incorporation of specialist vacuum formers with over 25 years of experience, combining our investments into equipment and comprehensive tool making facilities to offer exceptional quality standards and endless possibilities in what can be achieved. Whether product designing museum display cases, point of sale leaflet dispensers, machine components or any other custom manufactured plastic products, vacuum forming can often deliver cost efficiently and in terms of clean finish quality.

The service is able to comfortably handle large sheets of plastics and high volume projects, with our high definition pressure forming offering an ideal solution for prototyping and low runs.

We have a long list of satisfied customers for our plastic vacuum forming services including Arrowmight and Game.

We carry out plastic vacuum forming for clients UK wide including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Coventry, Nottingham, Leicester, Sunderland, Belfast, Newcastle upon Tyne, Brighton, Canterbury, Hull, Sheffield, Bradford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Wakefield, Stoke on Trent, Wolverhampton, Derby Swansea, Southampton, Salford, Aberdeen, Westminster, Portsmouth, York, Cardiff, Plymouth, Peterborough, Dundee, Lancaster and Oxford, and can also deliver internationally with projects recently completed in the Middle East and Australia.

Whatever your requirements for pressure assisted and vacuum forming of thermoplastics in prototyping, product design or large scale manufacturing runs of custom designed plastic products, contact us today to discuss the full range of vacuum forming possibilities available at Display Developments.

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