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Acrylic Display Cases For The Impossible Collection

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Vacuum Forming Capability

We keep all our manufacture in house to guarantee our clients the highest quality standards; and our investment in the best equipment offers complete creative freedom.

Our manufacturing plant is exceptionally equipped to produce almost any kind of high quality vacuum formed product. A range of machines offers large size capability whilst a range of methods gets you quality and quantity at highly competitive prices. Our range of vacuum forming abilities includes;

Vacuum forming Up to 2500mm x 1835mm x 600mm Deep

The perfect process for creating simple or complex 3D shapes out of sheets of plastic. The vacuum prevents air bubbles getting trapped between the heated plastic and an aluminium, wood or resin mould. Using a range of machines we can handle large sheets up to 2.5m.

Local line bending

Also called hot wire bending this process creates perfect straight bends in plastic sheets for products such as acrylic covers or shelves. The line bending equipment heats just a thing strip of the plastic which can then be bent to the designed angle along the hot hinge.

Pressure assisted forming (high-definition)

Sometimes called plug assisted this is a superb technique for products which need the high definition of press forming in much lower quantities. Using a vacuum and applying pressure achieves very detailed, complex and high quality products.

Blow moulding

Developed for creating hollow articles, such as a bottle, from thermoplastics. Compressed air is blown through a tube into heated thermoplastic creating a molten tube, which then has further compressed air blown in to fit it against a chilled blow mould.

Drape moulding

Sometimes called bench moulding this is a technique used for simple forms. The plastic is heated then placed on a former, held in place by another former while it cools. This method is ideal with basic shapes where press tools are unnecessary.

Press forming

This is a more manual process with the plastic heated in an oven then moved to the press. The press encloses the mould and plastic and is left to cool naturally producing a low stressed component which is ideal for more complex shapes and forms. Press forming is often used with acrylics for signs and lighting applications.

Whatever your vacuum forming needs Display Developments have the equipment, experience and creative ability to produce exceptional display, marketing and plastic promotional items. Contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our expert team.

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