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Bespoke External Poster Cases For The Everyman Theatre Liverpool

Bespoke External Poster Cases For The Everyman Theatre Liverpool

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The Uses of Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming, sometimes called vacuforming, is a simplified version of thermoforming, using moulds to create shapes in heated sheets of plastic.

The vacuum forming method offers a range of benefits to manufacturers with high volume capability and the simplicity of storing large stocks of plastic sheets. These benefits carry down to clients offering good quality and high volumes at low costs, so the process has found its way into many industries and uses.

On its own, vacuum forming can only produce shallow products and early uses were for making plastic signs, covers or product packaging for small and carded products or pharmaceuticals like headache pills; forming the blister pack tray.

Seeking ways to get a full three dimensions from the process, manufacturers started to combine vacuum forming with line bending equipment; this made it possible to create far more products which we see everyday in consumer stereos, TVs and speakers or more complex point of sale displays and plastic containers.

Another method developed was to stretch the plastic before applying it to the mould creating opportunity for a smoother depth than simple line bends could achieve, this method led to vacuum forming finding its way into car dashboards and eventually aerospace forming passenger windows and aircraft canopies.

Vacuum forming has proved to be endlessly adaptable when handled creatively and perhaps its most visible usage today is in display marketing and promotional items; fast, low cost and simple it means reliable turnaround in a fast moving industry is never a problem and when combined with more detailed moulds, screen printing or even laser etching the possibilities for branding and communication are endless.

No matter what your requirements for vacuum forming, promotional items and display marketing, put it in the hands of a team that knows the technology and possibilities inside and out; contact us at Display Developments today and we can arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our expert team.

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