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Acrylic Display Cases For The Impossible Collection

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The Six Stages of Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a very popular technique used by display specialists across the UK, but getting it right requires particular expertise that very few companies have. At Display Developments, we have specialised in vacuum forming for over 61 years.

There are six steps and processes involved in professional vacuum forming. By following these steps, our experienced team ensure that any plastic products can be shaped and formed to fit any size, shape or design requirement.

Make the mould

Firstly, a mould is constructed in the shape that the plastic will form around. This mould can be in a variety of different materials, including wood, MDF or polystyrene. Often where possible, the mould should have angled edges. This will allow the product to pop out of the plastic when the vacuum forming is finished.

Place the mould into the vacuum former

Once made, the mould is placed into the vacuum former. A plastic sheet should then be clamped above, but not on, the mould.

Position the heater above the plastic

The heater in the vacuum former should then be positioned above the plastic. This will eventually heat up, warming the plastic and ensuring that it is perfectly flexible and mouldable.

Move the shelf towards the plastic

After a few minutes, the plastic should be at the correct temperature to allow moulding. Once this is the case, the shelf on which the mould is positioned should be moved upwards and into the plastic. You can use a handle to do this.

Switch the vacuum former on

The vacuum former will then be switched on, which removes all air from the machine. This will allow the plastic to form to the shape of the mould.

Remove the sheet from the vacuum former

Once it has cooled, remove the plastic sheet from the vacuum former. Remove the mould from the machine and then trim any excess or unwanted plastic from the formed sheet.

At Display Developments, we specialise in a range of plastic fabrication services, including vacuum forming. We produce a variety of plastic and acrylic display products, ranging from POS items and display cabinets to leaflet dispensers and displays. Working for clients across London, the UK and Europe, we are known for producing stunning products every time.

Contact us today on 0808 1682372 to discuss your plastic fabrication and vacuum forming requirements with one of our experienced and highly skilled team. We also honest and impartial advice and are perfectly placed to assist you with any display project.

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