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Acrylic Display Cases For The Impossible Collection

Acrylic Display Cases For The Impossible Collection

At Display Developments we are proud to have been associated with the Impossible Collection, the wor...

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Slide Staining & Incubation Trays

Display Developments are now manufacturing a range of novel microscope slide handling trays for histology, immunology or molecular biology laboratories.

These slide incubation and staining trays are suitable for all immunostaining and histology slide handling work where there is a requirement for processing microscope slides. They also have many uses within molecular biology techniques such as in-situ hybridisation.

Slide Staining Tray

Our new ‘tacky polymer’ slide rails built into these slide staining trays are designed to prevent the slides from moving when transporting the incubation trays from fridges, incubators or workstations.

The wells which are located between the slide rails ensure that the humidifying solution does not splash around inside the tray whilst carrying or repositioning it.

Incubator Tray

The staining slides can be incubated in heated or chilled environments.

For more details please see Slide Staining & Incubation Trays.

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