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Acrylic Display Cases For The Impossible Collection

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Prototyping Advantages

Prototyping is the most important aspect of any product development. But many businesses don't take advantage of this vital tool - a big mistake! 

Prototyping directly determines the direction of the product and allows you to test the product to make sure that it perfectly fits your needs and will promote your material in the most effective way possible. Put simply, imagine what would happen if you sent off your products to production without having accurately tested them first? If you're lucky, everything would work perfectly. If not, you're left with a manufacturing nightmare!

So why is it important to have your product prototyped? There are a number of reasons why prototyping is just so important and we're going to tell you what they are;

Test for functionality

  • Function
  • Fit
  • Durability

The biggest advantage of prototyping is that it allows engineers and designers to identify areas in which a product can be improved or if it has any flaws. It can also help to dictate necessary design changes. 

Prototyping is fast and effective

The speed at which it can be carried out makes prototyping an ideal option for any commercial business owner. Rapid prototyping systems, such as 3D printers, are able to create stunning prototype parts and products in mere hours, meaning your products will be in the hands of engineers and designers quickly and ensuring that design changes can be made even faster. 

Prototyping systems are also able to create parts and products in virtually any material, with 3D printers incredibly accurate at creating parts in all different types of plastic. 

Accuracy and efficiency

Thanks to the huge advancements in technology, our prototyping systems allow for fast and accurate designs. The innovative and high quality systems we utilise make it quick and simple to prototype any type of plastic product. 

This is why it's vital that 1) you have your product accurately prototyped and 2) you have it prototyped by experienced professionals that can help you from the initial stages right through to production and release. 

At DD Plastic Fabrication, we specialise in plastic product prototyping for all our UK and Europe clients. Based in Dartford, Kent, we work throughout the UK, providing commercial and industrial clients with the very best in prototyping services to suit any product requirements. So contact us today to discuss your prototyping needs with one of our experienced and friendly team. 

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