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Acrylic Display Cases For The Impossible Collection

Acrylic Display Cases For The Impossible Collection

At Display Developments we are proud to have been associated with the Impossible Collection, the wor...

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Fast Track To Success

Display Developments have been working closely with FastTrack Company Ltd, who have recently developed a revolutionary method of tracking your check-in luggage. eTag is an electronic baggage label that attaches to the outside of suitcases, while eTrack is placed inside it.

eTag and eTrack work together to take away stress and speed up the process of travelling with check-in luggage. eTag is an electronic baggage label that displays destination barcodes, while eTrack lets passengers and airlines track baggage wherever it goes. eTag and eTrack are the only comprehensive solution on the market, featuring a sophisticated and patented Auto Flight Mode that complies with worldwide air travel regulations.

The big advantages for the passenger will be never having to queue to drop off baggage, the ability to track your bag throughout its journey and a much quicker retrieval if your baggage is misplaced. There are also major advantages for the carriers including the option of customisable branded eTag sleeves and better traceability and speedy location of lost baggage. The eTrack has a "Bag Opened Alarm” function which will alert you whenever your bag is opened along the journey. eTrack will notify you by sending an automated message displaying time and location of the opening in the mobile the app. It is features like these that make the eTag and eTrack, the comprehensive check-in luggage solution that benefits both the airlines and the traveller.

The brief given to Display Developments by Fast Track was to produce a high impact screen to protect the displays in the eTag unit. After researching and trialling various material options we produced prototype screens in 2mm high impact acrylic, complete with a screen printed border, which had been machined to a very high tolerance. Fast Track were extremely pleased with both the finished product but also the impressive time scale from initial discussions through prototyping to manufacture. 

Electronic Baggage LabelThe Head of the Supply Chain at FastTrack Company was full of praise for the contribution made by Display Developments. “The exacting demands for the screen protector to perform in the very arduous environment of a baggage handling process is a challenge, particularly when combined with commercial pressures of delivering a economically viable product. So when we were introduced to Stephen and his team we recognised their enthusiasm for solving problems with a variety of plastic materials and processes. They quickly grasped the key details of the project and assisted us with investigating alternative materials and processes that would allow us to test and trial a number of options before deciding which one was suitable for a full field trial. Then the pressure was on to meet a very aggressive time line and despite the complex logistics, the team at Display Developments delivered in time. We tested the eTag at Schipol and Paris with an excellent result. The robustness rate was 100%, all eTags showed their flight details perfectly well and were still firmly attached to their bags at the end of the day. We are continuing to refine the design and look forward to working with Stephen and the team at Display Developments with future stages of our project".

Display Developments are a leading UK plastics fabrication and vacuum forming company with an impressive manufacturing facility in South East London. If you have a current project that we can help you with, please contact a member of our team on 01322 444400 or email us on

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