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Bespoke External Poster Cases For The Everyman Theatre Liverpool

Bespoke External Poster Cases For The Everyman Theatre Liverpool

  The Everyman Theatre, Liverpool, Commissioned 16 Poster Cases From Display Development...

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Acrylic Fabrication Services

Display Developments are acrylic manufacturers expert in acrylic plastic fabrication, acrylic vacuum forming, acrylic moulding, acrylic prototyping, acrylic machining and bespoke acrylic forming to create acrylic fabrications in the manufacture of display and POS (Point of Sale) units, product design including specifics such as bespoke acrylic bath panels and acrylic case fabrication amongst others.

With over 60 years of expertise as market leading acrylic fabricators and acrylic manufacturing specialists, we meet our clients’ specific needs through custom acrylic fabrication completed in short time frames through our acrylic rapid prototyping service.

Display Developments deliver an exceptional bespoke plastic design and manufacturing service throughout Kent, London and the rest of the UK and internationally.

From the design and development of specifics such as bespoke acrylic boxes and bespoke acrylic signs using techniques such as acrylic vacuum moulding and custom acrylic machining, we are an acrylic manufacturer providing a complete design, development and manufacturing service geared to precisely meeting client needs.

Over 6 Decades of Experience in Acrylic Fabrication

Fabricated Health Lottery Point of SaleDisplay Developments is an acrylic fabrication company able to create customer specific acrylic prototypes through bespoke acrylic design leading to the volume manufacture of all manner of acrylic fabrications.

These include bespoke acrylic display boxes, bespoke acrylic display stands for POS use, bespoke acrylic frames, bespoke acrylic trays and more using processes including custom acrylic forming and acrylic CNC machining.

Customers who find us when searching for ‘acrylic suppliers UK’ or for an ‘acrylic manufacturer near me’ benefit from working with experienced full service acrylic plastic fabricators.

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As leading acrylic fabrication specialists we provide our entire acrylic development service from our Kent base so offering genuine ‘one stop’ convenience: describing ourselves as ‘acrylic manufacturers UK’ means we cover the whole service from acrylic prototyping to manufacture and delivery to the customer.

Providing everything from acrylic plastic moulding, vacuum forming acrylic sheet work, creating bespoke acrylic displays for retail environments using techniques such as custom acrylic moulding and acrylic CNC machining, we offer our diverse range of clients a wide range of services including:

  • Acrylic dome manufacture
  • Bespoke acrylic manufacturing
  • Precision acrylic machining
  • Acrylic prototypes
  • Perspex fabrication
  • Acrylic moulding

We are acrylic plastic fabricators specialising in the manufacturing of acrylic products tailored to suit each individual project: we can also be considered plastic fabrication engineers since we provide a full range of bespoke acrylic design, development and manufacturing services to the client.

Bespoke Plastic Fabrication Products Include:

Bespoke Plastic Fabrication Products Include:

Such is our flexibility as an acrylic manufacturer UK based serving clients worldwide, we are happy to work alongside product designers in providing a more advisory service concerning acrylic fabrications.

Bespoke Acrylic Manufacturing

Some examples of the acrylic fabrication services that we provide as bespoke acrylic specialists:


Perspex Prototyping & Develeopment

Acrylic Development And Prototyping

As experienced plastic fabrication engineers we provide a versatile and consultative approach whether you are looking for general acrylic display fabrication, a specific bespoke acrylic display case design, machining acrylic sheet work or perhaps an acrylic tray fabrication.

We are known for expert acrylic products manufacturing covering all stages of the process from design to manufacturing.

You may have an idea of the design you require based on a branding concept or similar, or you may prefer us to help: either way, our expertise can soon translate your basic idea into a bespoke acrylic prototype in double quick time.

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CNC Machining And Trimming

As a forward thinking acrylic design & fabrication company, we provide CNC machining and trimming through advanced acrylic CNC manufacture using our fully automated CAD-linked acrylics fabrication system ideal for custom manufacture of bespoke cast acrylic products

Our acrylic CNC machining and trimming service for custom and bespoke acrylic fabrications includes:

  • CNC routing, drilling and tapping
  • CNC turning and milling
  • Two multi-tool changing CNC routers
  • Fully CAD automated
  • Two and three dimensional forming
  • Expertise in jigging and trimming

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Perspex CNC Machining & Trimming - Geiss 5 Axis Router

CNC Perspex machining
Vacuum formed perspex parts Vacuum formed perspex acrylic CCTV cover

Acrylic Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming is a core acrylic manufacturing process in creating different shaped items. For instance, vacuum thermoforming acrylic sheet techniques can convert a basic acrylic sheet into bespoke acrylic products of all varieties.

Thermoforming with acrylic means we have created all sorts of products for clients: by turns we have been acrylic drum manufacturers, acrylic easel manufacturers, manufacturers of acrylic frames and more.

The product design and manufacture horizons are limitless with acrylic vacuum thermoforming as it can - in the hands of experienced acrylic forming companies like ourselves - convert plain acrylic sheets into a bespoke acrylic case or whatever item is required.

The range of Vacuum Forming services we offer includes:

  • Acrylic vacuum forming
  • Drape moulding
  • Pressure asssisted forming (high-definition)
  • Press forming
  • Local line bending
  • Blow moulding

Using four different machine options, we are comprehensively equipped to meet most acrylic vacuum forming demands. Large format acrylic moulding and thermoforming with acrylic has become a specialism.

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Acrylic Display Manufacturer

Clients searching for ‘display manufacturers UK’ find we can offer a design led service to help them create the exact retail and POS displays they require through our advanced acrylic sheet fabrication, and the thermoforming of clear acrylic panels into stylish and practical display units.

If your retail environment requires a revamp, or you are planning a new campaign, we can help as we are used to helping companies of many types bring their ideas to fruition.

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Bespoke Perspex Fabrication For Retail Display - Orbit Baby
Example Perspex Decorating and Finishing Product Perspex Fabrication Parts

Finishing and Decorating

We provide a wide range of decoration, finishing, branding and colouring of acrylics and other plastics such as polyethylene, PVC, PETG, and polycarbonates. Options include:

  • Silk screen printing
  • Vinyl graphics
  • Digital printing
  • Engraving and laser etching
  • Spray painting
  • Vacuum metallising
  • Semi automatic machine and diamond edge polishing
  • Power buffing and buff polishing
  • Flame polishing

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Packaging and Dispatch

As an acrylic supplier UK, Europe and internationally we pride ourselves on prompt and professional delivery including options such as multi-drop. At all times our service minimises the risk of damage to your bespoke acrylic products in transit.

Our packaging and dispatch services include:

  • Detailed final inspections to ensure full standards compliance
  • Secure packaging including boxes, polybags, pallets and wraps
  • Same day courier service if required
  • Delivery in-house using our own transport for higher value and fragile products
  • Multi drop recorded delivery for national retailers
  • Facilities for articulated vehicles

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Perspex Fabrication Image Perspex Fabrication Van
Perspex Hot Wire Forming (Line Bending)

Heat Forming Acrylic Plastic (Line Bending)

This process is required when the material to be formed does not allow for cold bending - heat forming acrylic sheet for example - or when a complicated form requires heat for the required shape to be achieved.

An electric current is passed through a conductive wire to create a low heat. The acrylic to be formed is then placed over the wire precisely where the bend is required; the parts are folded and allowed to settle in cooling jigs until they are firm enough to be taken out.

Forming acrylic plastic in this way is how acrylic manufacturers like ourselves create bespoke acrylic products such as acrylic display shelves, leaflet dispensers, machine guards and shields, display cases and other POS components and undertake general acrylic display design development.

Acrylic Machine Guards And Enclosures

Our acrylic machine guards can be designed especially for machinery of all types thanks to our fully bespoke design process as part of the full service we offer as an acrylic cover manufacturer.

Manufactured, supplied and fitted entirely in-house, our plastic machine guard designs include the following options:

  • Food Industry Machine Guards
  • Lift Guards
  • Bespoke Machine Guards
  • Industrial Machine Guards
  • CNC Enclosures

We provide bespoke plastic machine guard solutions including fully adjustable designs, and they are manufactured from materials supplied by the industry’s leading brands including Perspex and Palsun.

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Perspex Machine Guard Perspex Machine Guard
Perspex engineered parts

Engineered Acrylic Components

As acrylic material manufacturers our service extends to making high quality parts for industrial and commercial applications through expert use of moulding acrylic plastic techniques.

With over six decades of experience as plastic and acrylic fabricators, and expertise in techniques such as acrylic block machining and acrylic pressure forming, we can efficiently design and create your specific product.

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Advanced Assembly

Even the best CNC machining, vacuum forming acrylic dome procedure or general manufacturing of acrylic plastics can be ruined by poor acrylic fabrication, gluing and assembly.

We work constantly to formulate improved methods of bonding, cementing and generally attaching plastics to each other and to other materials including aluminium and wood. As a result, we consistently lead the way in market leading techniques in attaching plastics including acrylics.

Combining different aspects of our product development, acrylic CNC machining and cutting, vacuum forming with acrylic, and pressure forming stages - our acrylic fabrications and assembly services and expertise includes;

  • Use of bases, plinths, wheels, castors, hinges and locks
  • Developing use of appropriate glues, adhesives and cements
  • Assembly of plastic, wood and metal components
  • Bonding and curing without overspill or bubbling
  • Using Tappex - non-adhesive mechanical fixings

Some examples of our state of the art techniques include the UV curing process which delivers the ultimate in bubble and overspill-free joints between plastic products and components.

A way of avoiding the use of glues and adhesives is in using Tappex mechanical fixings: this means the bespoke acrylic case or other products can be flat packed and then assembled with no need to wait for glue or adhesive to dry before the product can be used.

Whilst our main focus as acrylic fabricators is always on acrylic machining, forming and general acrylic fabrication, it is true that many products need to incorporate components made from other materials - for example, wooden bases and plinths, or metal used for wheels, castors, locks, hinges and runners.

We are very much a one-stop acrylic manufacturer providing the complete process from initial design and prototyping to full production, all undertaken at our facilities on the edge of south east London in Kent.

Advice from Expert Plastic Fabrication Engineers

We are pleased to offer a personalised design service: using specialist software, we can provide clients with 3D visuals before we create a bespoke acrylic prototype or go into production. We can genuinely offer the perfect solution to all your engineering bespoke acrylic fabrication requirements.

Perhaps you require a smaller scale production run or a have a higher volume acrylic fabrications project in mind? Whatever your needs we have the flexibility and expertise to help.

Acrylic Fabrication Equipment

We are constantly investing in the latest in acrylic techniques, technology and skills both in terms of equipment and training our staff to ensure we meet the client’s needs, and provide a stellar service when they are searching for ‘acrylic companies UK’.

Some of our current industry leading equipment used to provide our acrylic fabrications service includes:

  • Two 3000mm x 1550mm multi-tool changing CNC routers
  • Two and three dimensional forming
  • Geiss CNC 5 axis trimming machine
  • Fully automated system guaranteeing precision work directly from CAD
  • Various CNC machining including routing, drilling, trimming, turning and milling
  • Saw cutting of plastic sheets up to 6 metres
  • Extensive expertise in jig design, jigging and trimming

Other Plastics and Materials

The modern plastics market offers, along with acrylics, a range of choices in materials for bespoke fabrications: our expertise includes wood, metal and glass as these often feature as part of a plastics project generally - or for a specific acrylic fabrication

Some plastics suit a given application and product type more than others: lightness, ease of working into different designs along with its attractiveness and durability makes acrylic a sound choice, but we are always happy to discuss your options as we can work with many other plastic types.

Whether you choose acrylic for all or part of your project or other plastics, we offer expertise in the following:

  • Acrylics
  • Nylon
  • PETG
  • PVC
  • Polycarbonates
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
  • Aluminium/plastic composites
  • ABS and acrylic capped ABS

Colours and Surface Finishes

Along with the various plastics above, there are a range of plastics finishes available across all materials including colour matching to pantone/RAL/BS references, frost, setasand, anti-reflective, prismatic, patterned, reeded, smooth, pinseal, leathergrain, single and double sided options and more creative specialist finishes including gloss, matt, silk, satin, sandstone, flame, buff, machine and diamond edge polishing, laser etching, screen and digital printing and vinyl graphics.

Acrylic Fabrications Specialists In Kent

Display Developments is based in south east London at Belvedere, Kent on the Fordgate Business Park serving clients across the UK, throughout Europe and worldwide.

Fordgate Business Park is on the east side of the Belvedere Industrial Area just 6 miles from the M25 Junction 1B and the Dartford Crossing giving Display Developments easy access to all major motorway links and the Channel Tunnel.

To the west of Fordgate Business Park is the Woolwich Ferry and The Blackwall Tunnel with Central London within easy reach.

International Acrylic Fabricators

From bespoke POS display products, retail units and acrylic plastic fabrication projects of all types to commercial plastic design, we offer a true bespoke service. Talk to us today to put our expertise at your disposal.

Speak with our specialists who will be able to go through your requirements and provide professional advice on the best solution to suit your needs.

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