A8, A7 & A6 Multi Column Job Card Racks
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Multi-Column Job Card Racks (T-Card Alternative)

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To hold A6 cards - 31 pockets high x 4 columns wide. Size: 724mm H x 508mm W WPA63104 £225.00 exc. VAT£270.00 inc. VAT
To hold A6 cards - 50 pockets high x 4 columns wide Size: 1025mm H x 508mm W WPA65004 £286.00 exc. VAT£343.20 inc. VAT
To hold A7 cards - 31 pockets high x 6 columns wide. Size: 651mm H x 559mm W WPA73106 £254.00 exc. VAT£304.80 inc. VAT
To hold A7 cards - 50 pockets high x 6 columns wide. Size: 994mm H x 559mm W WPA75006 £322.00 exc. VAT£386.40 inc. VAT
To hold A8 cards - 31 pockets high x 13 columns wide. Size: 648mm H x 838mm W. WPA83113 £259.00 exc. VAT£310.80 inc. VAT
To hold A8 cards - 50 pockets high x 13 columns wide. Size: 959mm H x 838mm W. WPA85013 £320.00 exc. VAT£384.00 inc. VAT

This durable and stylish T-card system job card rack is available in various column configurations and card sizes from A6 to A8, and can be used with our standard square cut card so saving on T-card replacement costs.

A7 Card Rack WPA73106
A7 card rack WPA75006
A6 Card Rack WPA63104
A6 card rack WPA65004
A8 card rack WPA85013
A8 card rack WPA83113
Card rack close up
Purpose Built Kanban Planning Board
A7 card rack WPA75006
A6 Card Rack WPA63104
A6 card rack WPA65004
A8 card rack WPA85013
A8 card rack WPA83113
Card rack close up
Purpose Built Kanban Planning Board

Multi-Column Job Card Racks

In fast-moving workshop environments, we fully understand efficient scheduling of work and quick access to documents such as job cards and related paperwork is key.

To help meet this need we have brought our six-plus decades of manufacturing know how and experience to bear in designing a range of workshop planner solutions, including this multi-column job card rack, to help busy automotive and other mechanical machinery repair and servicing businesses manage their workflows smoothly and efficiently.

This smart looking but tough workshop scheduling board is made of high impact polycarbonate to withstand the harsh conditions found in most workshop settings, and the accent is on flexibility with no less than three card sizes to choose from with various configurations available within each card size.

You can also order supplies of the appropriate sized card to go with your workshop job card holder.

Functional workshop job card holder

Some of the features of this durable and stylish job card rack:

  • Three card sizes - choose from A6, A7 and A8 card sizes with your order of workshop planner boards
  • Configurations - for each workshop control board ordered in one of the three available card size versions, you can choose from two configurations for each card size based on number of columns and pockets (details elsewhere on this page)
  • Easy access - the top 15mm of each card can be clearly seen so making it easy to locate information quickly, and means colour coding as a method of quick identification of relevant cards works effectively
  • Easy fitting and removal - each workshop job card wall rack is supplied with wall fittings, and the unit can be easily lifted into position and removed as and when required

The better Alternative To T-Card Racks

In a busy workshop or other servicing and maintenance operation our T-card boards are a popular choice to organise work scheduling in a fast moving environment.

The detailed and stylish design of our versatile T-card holder, coupled with a wide range of configuration and card size options, makes our T-card rack your ideal choice if you are looking to institute a T-card rack system to organise your work flows or replacing your existing T-card boards.

Whilst you can order supplies of T-cards online through us, you can also choose a cheaper yet just as effective solution by ordering our square cut cards in the relevant A6, A7 or A.8 size depending on the size of your T-card board system to save on consumables costs

Organising workflow using a T-card system

T-card systemA T-card system is a popular choice in many environments involving a constant flow of servicing and maintenance jobs such as in a busy motor garage, agricultural machinery depot or – as we have found with some previous T-card kit customer orders – aircraft maintenance centres.

Indeed, the process of tracking work from start to its completion using job cards and service sheets can extend to having an entire T-card office where whole projects are organised and monitored, either using a physical T-card board or specific T-card software – or maybe a combination of both.

T-card system use

While workshops and other maintenance and service environments are common ways to deploy T-card boards as job card racks, they also prove popular in other ways.

Some examples:

Project management - where strong visualising of a project is important to track work planned and in progress, it is not uncommon to see a T-card kanban board in use where the ‘cards and columns’ configuration enables fast tracking, monitoring and evaluation of a project from initial concept through to completion.

Tracking people - it is quite likely where keeping tabs of people movement and attendance is key, such as at a school, a T-card system for muster station use might be deployed. Cards for each person can be easily identified and moved around the board to monitor where people are at all times, and a T-card cabinet to house the board limits access only to those authorised to alter it.

People searching for ’T-card holder UK’ or ’T-card system how to use’ usually find the right solution for their needs with this versatile T-card board or other related job card rack products in our range.

If you wish to discuss your job card rack requirements and your order requirements, we would be pleased to help so call now.

Square cut Cards

Square cut t-cardsOur square cut cards follow the various T-card dimensions such as A6, A7 and A8 so they are ideal for this model job card rack in whatever configuration you order. You would also save on printing costs as a T-card has to be specially printed on whereas our cards do not.

Over a period of time you could make significant savings to your consumables expenditure using our square cards.

Order planning cards

Please order your planning cards separately by clicking the links below

A8 Planning Cards

A7 Planning Cards

A6 Planning Cards


Comprehensive workshop planner product ordering facilities

You might require just one service job card or workshop planner, or perhaps you are looking to use several to institute a brand new car workshop planner regime for your garage and feel our multi column job card board would be ideal?

Whatever your specific requirements, we would be delighted to help with advice and suggestions – this particular garage workshop planner tool is highly versatile as said earlier, so it pays to ensure you specify the best variant to meet your needs.

Volume ordering - the prices of our workshop planner range are aimed at providing value for your investment based on the quality and longevity of the products. They are even better value if ordered in bulk as we are happy to give discounts on volume orders – call us to find out what savings you could make on your workshop planner order.

Save on delivery - our delivery rates are very reasonable: free for orders over £149.00 and just £8.95 otherwise. We also offer next day delivery if your workshop job card rack is in stock in the configuration and quantities you require, and you place your order before 2.00pm.

We pride ourselves on being experienced manufacturing experts big enough to provide bulk purchase discount and fast and reliable delivery whilst giving you a personalised service: you can be confident you will be choosing the best workshop planner board type for your requirements

Saving money on T-card board use

The main expense of using a T-card job rack is consumables – the T-card itself – but we can offer a solution to save you money.

Job Card Rack - T-Card AlternativeAs part of your T-card system kit you will obviously require these consumables however, such is the design of our T-card system, you can instead use our square cut cards as a cheaper yet just as effective alternative. They can sit properly in our job card rack as the pockets have bottoms so there is no need for the cards to hang – the reason why specific T-card documents usually have to be used in other T-card boards.


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