Star Wars Fan’s Creation With Vacuum Forming

Star Wars fan Scott Speeber, 42, has spent 20 to 30 hours in his basement creating life sized storm troopers through the process of vacuum forming, just like the originals in the movie. This began when Speeber saw an artist’s replica and started meeting up with other enthusiasts, using vacuum forming, that he got the idea he could create his own.

In order to create the figures Speeber creates a mould from gypsum and then placed it in a vacuum forming machine where the plastic is moulded to the gypsum. Applying heat from the machine allows thermoplastics to be converted into any shape you would like it to be.

He is now creating more characters from the successful Star War movies, such as R2D2 and Chewbacca, through the process of vacuum forming. Scott Speeber’s creations shows that the possibilities are endless in what thermoplastics can be transformed into.

Display Developments offer more than 40 years of expertise in vacuum forming for people to boost their display marketing with forms of point of sale products and leaflet and brochure holders. There are many uses for this method that even pharmaceutical companies use it because it is a simple and low cost method.

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