Perpetual Year Planners

In recent years time management tools have become big business. Whether the latest gadget or a scrap of paper kept in a pocket, whatever helps people improve their time and task management will be popular.

Your time management tools can be as simple or as multi functional as you like, but they should all allow you to capture, store, organize and access information, quickly and easily. They need to help you to manage the following appointments, reminders, deadlines, dates, ideas, goals, projects, actions and references.

Planners are the must-haves time management tools. Whether they’re electronic or paper based, daily/ weekly or yearly planners should form the backbone of personal organizational skills. Bear in mind that you’ll only ever be as effective as the quality, planning and execution of the contents in yours.

There are also pens and papers; computers; timers; digital voice recorders; and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

Great minds think ahead. Stay ahead of the schedule with Display Developments’ top quality Perpetual Year Planner which is a ready to use card based annual planning system for use on a rotating basis with a slot for every day of the year:

· Ideal for project planning, work scheduling, staff and holiday planning, media booking and much more.
· Colour coded cards give ‘at a glance’ identification of different activities.
· Complete year is on view with a slot for each day, 12 month columns and 31 day rows.
· Expected work or projects can be identified, repetitive tasks can be monitored and action recorded.
· Each pocket accommodates up to 5 cards, making a total of 1860 cards.
· Inserts identifying day numbers to fit in index columns numbered 1-31, plus cards to indicate weekends and bank holidays supplied.

Also use leaflet holders and brochure holders to dispense any type of information or advertisement in an organised manner! For the best deals online, visit Display Developments, who also specialise in plastic fabrication and vacuum forming.

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